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Fibre-coupled multi-bar modules

Dilas has released fibre-coupled multi-bar modules capable of delivering up to 200W out of a 200µm fibre.

Allowing clad-free coupling of the diode light at wavelengths of 808nm, 915nm, 940nm, and 980nm, these fiber-coupled, multi-bar modules deliver 130W and 200W through a 200µm fibre with a numerical aperture of <0.22. These 4-bar and 6-bar designs are based on industry standard single conduction cooled bars, which are optically stacked and polarisation coupled.

Standard industrial grade water chillers can cool the module and its fibre connector, keeping system costs low. As with all Dilas fibre-coupled products, devices are available with optional features to include an integrated pilot beam, power sensor, fibre interlock, and user exchangeable protection window.


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