Fibre-coupled multi-bar modules

Dilas has introduced a new fibre-coupled, multi-bar module capable of delivering up to 500W output from a 400µm fibre at 976nm.. The modules deliver 500W through a cladding mode free QBH high-power 400µm core diameter fiber with a low numerical aperture of <0.2 and WPE of >35 per cent. Packaged in up to 12-bar configurations, these designs are based on industry standard conductively-cooled bars, which are optically stacked and polarisation coupled. The product requires only industrial water for cooling.

Achieving high brightness and high efficiency, this new module has demonstrated lifetime greater than 10,000 hours at 500W CW operating condition. Custom wavelengths are available upon request. These fibre-coupled, multi-bar modules are ideal for direct diode application as well as fibre and solid-state laser pumping.