Fibre coupler

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Laser Components has released easy-to-mount fibre couplers for laser systems, facilitating the coupling of light from free-beam lasers into a quartz fibre.

Using a mounting flange, the coupler is directly attached to the laser. It is possible to couple laser beams with a diameter of up to 10mm into fibres with core diameters ranging from 100μm to 2,000μm.

Using adjustment screws, it is possible to adjust the optics on the inside of the coupler along the x-axis and the y-axis or to tilt them. In addition, adjusting the optics along the z-axis is done via a knurled wheel.

The fibre coupler is suitable for the wavelength range from 400nm to 1,300nm. The optics on the inside can be equipped with different AR coatings: 400nm to 700nm, 633nm to 1,064nm, or 800nm to 1,300nm.