High-power PLDs at 905 and 1550nm

Laser Components has introduced a new range of high-power pulsed laser diodes (PLDs), produced at its Canadian facility. Single emitters, multi-junction PLDs, and stacked designs are available at 905 and 1,550nm. The diodes can be used in applications such as rangefinding, speed measurement, laser radar, security scanners, in laser curtains, or testing and measurement systems.

The AlGaAs structure of the 905 series offers high reliability, good beam properties, and temperature stability. At an efficiency of 1W/A, the stacked designs achieve a peak power of 120W at a pulse length of 150ns. Multi-junction PLDs achieve a peak power of more than 220W.

The 1550nm PLDs are well suited for the production of eye-safe laser rangefinders. They are available as single elements, multi-junction PLDs, and stacks with a peak power of up to 50W.

The pulsed laser diodes are delivered either housed or un-housed, with TO18, 5.6mm, 9mm, and 8-32 coax housings available alongside chips on ceramic sub-mounts.

Customer-specified designs and other wavelengths are available upon request.