Fibre-to-fibre coupler series

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Lumax Photonics has launched its new high-power fibre-to-fibre coupler series for fibre-coupled diode lasers. The optical couplers are suitable for fibre-coupled devices based on single emitters or laser bars.

The high-power fibre couplers contain on both sides SMA905 termination and are able to withstand due to the ideal materials, powers up to 50W in CW and 100W in pulsed mode.

The image ratio of the fibres is 1:1 and the transmissions can reach up to 90 per cent with non-AR coated fibres. The optical system is designed for wavelengths between 635nm and 1,064nm. The fibre-to-fibre couplers are available in different sizes and power levels. As option the customer can choose for example a fibre detection sensor. Customised requests for high-power fibre couplers are welcome.

Typical applications are for example in hand pieces of medical laser devices, where the optical fibres have to be changed very frequently. Due to the innovative bonding technology and the fact that the optical couplers are hermetically sealed, they are perfectly suitable for the daily use in harsh industrial environments.