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Fibre laser

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MPB Communications has harnessed up to 1W of CW power in the 580nm yellow wavelength region from a fibre laser. To generate the narrow-line, diffraction limited, linearly polarised visible output, a linearly polarised fibre laser feeds a second harmonic generator.

A specially designed fibre laser allows the product to push the frequency-doubled emission to 580nm, a wavelength region not reachable with common frequency-doubled YAG lasers. A narrow-linewidth, diffraction-limited beam makes the frequency doubling process very efficient. As a result, MPB can now offer compact, efficient, and reliable visible sources with exceptional beam quality and brightness.

Like other MPBC fibre lasers, the VFL-P-Series are easy to use, maintenance-free, highly reliable and air-cooled, which makes them suitable for a variety of industrial, military, and scientific applications. Applications include laser sintering, fluorescence microscopy, ophthalmology, display lighting, spectroscopy and biotechnology.