Scan head control system

GSI Group's Laser Division has announced its new scan head control system and software for its JK125 and JK300 welding lasers.

The system is a single-user application allowing control and management of all laser and scan head programming functions. It incorporates the scan head and the software, the Scan Head User Interface (SHUI), which is integrated into the LaserView software, enabling programmability of scan head and laser parameters through a single operator screen.

The self-optimising SHUI was developed by GSI to eradicate the need for separate programs for the laser and scan head, and has been specifically designed for laser processing applications rather than the more traditional marking applications for which scan heads are predominantly used.

The company claims that using a scan head instead of the more conventional process-tool-based systems gives an array of advantages to the user, including reduced processing cycle time, increased scanning area and reduced welding time.

The shape and size of a welding spot can be adjusted to a variety of geometrical shapes and figures such as circle, sine wave, open circle, and spiral.