High-power 5W 808nm and 10W 940nm pump diodes

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Alfalight has launched two series of laser pump diodes: firstly the AM6-808B and AM6-808BW, which provides 5W of 808nm light output with a 200µm 0.15 NA fibre and secondly the AM6-940B, which provides 10W of 940nm light output with a high brightness 105µm 0.15 NA fibre.

The new AM6-808B and AM6-808BW single-emitter (SE) laser diodes are available in a 6-pin industrial grade package and include a temperature monitoring thermistor. The diodes are available in both standard (808±3 nm) and integrated Wavelength Stabilization Technology (WST) (808±1.5 nm) versions.


Spectral shift for the standard version is 0.3 nm/° C, reduced to 0.07 nm/° C for the WST version. Target markets for the small footprint device include microlasers for projection and display systems; small, high-reliability DPSS lasers; and small-form-factor green lasers.


The AM6-940B diodes are a high-reliability single-emitter (SE) laser diode includes a thermistor for temperature monitoring, and offers an exceptional uncooled lifetime in a convenient small form factor simplifying PCB mounting. Target industrial markets for the compact, high-power device include pumping fibre lasers, diode-pumped solid state lasers, uncooled fibre amplifier, and direct material processing.


The new Alfalight 10W 940 nm laser pump diodes are available in a 6-pin industrial grade package with part number AM6-940B-10-108 (10 W 940±8nm).