Fibre recoaters and fibre cleavers

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Fujikura, a developer and manufacturer of fusion splicer technology, has introduced its new fibre recoater series and new fibre cleavers.

The company’s latest optical fibre recoaters (FSR-05, FSR-06, and FSR-07) provide advanced recoating solutions for applications in fibre laser, fibre sensing, submarine and optical components. Each fibre recoater is engineered to specific processes and provides a programmable resin injection quantity, and coloured and non-coloured fibre recoating capability.

The FSR-06 and FSR-07 recoaters include proof testers to test the strength of fibre after recoating, while the FSR-05 recoater is the only model without a proof tester, making it ideal for manufacturers that don’t require constant proof testing after each recoat.

The new line of large diameter optical fibre cleavers (CT-105/CT-106) offer high precision LDF capability from 80μm up to 1,250μm diameter fibres, and precise cleaving. Features include a programmable automatic clamp function, an angle cleaving function (CT-106 only), storage for up to 100 program modes, a blade life of 20,000 cleaves with a cladding diameter of 125μm, and a LCD colour monitor. Applicable optical fibres include not only solid glass optical fibres, but also microstructured fibres and capillaries.

Finally, Fujikura is introducing its LZM-100 LazerMaster splicing and glass processing system. The LZM-100 includes a CO2 laser heat source for splicing and glass shaping that delivers stable and repeatable operation with virtually no maintenance required. The configurable system provides ultra-high-strength splicing for fibres up to 2.3mm in diameter, and can be adapted to meet specific customer needs. A customisable chassis and mechanical architecture tailors the laser beam size, shape and power and is capable of producing tapers, ball lenses, combiners, MFAs, glass shaping and splicing.