fibreTECII fibre-coupled laser modules

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The fibreTECIITM Series is Blue Sky Research’s recently released, second generation of high performance, fibre-coupled laser modules. They have been optimised to meet the demanding performance requirements of applications that include medical, bioanalytical and automated instrumentation.

The fibreTECIITM product family incorporates sophisticated electronics within the laser module, with DC operation for laser diode drive and protection, direct modulation of output power and feedback functions. A wide variety of wavelength and power options are available, including the new 488nm and 532nm wavelengths, and the very popular 405nm and 635nm products.

Blue Sky Research's patented micro lens transforms the elliptical beam into a circular one, thereby optimising the efficiency of fibre coupling. This enables Blue Sky to drive its lasers less at a lower diode current than competitors, resulting in more stable power output over time and temperature.

The lasers application areas include analytical instruments, biomedical and medical, flow cytometry, confocal microscopy, defense and homeland security, particle analysis, and inspection and metrology. Blue Sky Research products are distributed by AMS Technologies.