Five optical power and energy measurement solutions

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Spectrum Detector has released five optical power and energy measurement solutions.

The solutions include:

Delta Series Radiometers/Joulemeters: these small, flexible detector probes and instruments are the perfect fit for the lab bench, production test bed or on board the user’s laser. Simply plug the probes into an analogue power supply (APM) to mate with oscilloscopes and lock-in amplifiers, or plug them into a digital USB-based electronic module (DPM) for single or dual-channel PC control.

Trap Series Of Radiometers, Joulemeters And Power Meters: the first commercially available Trap radiometers, joulemeters and power meters, the Trap Series set new standards in measurement uncertainty and provide a superior gold standard for in-house calibrations. These revolutionary analog and digital meters leverage the wedge Trap concepts pioneered at NIST Boulder – key components of NIST’s spectral calibration transfer standards.

Digital Broadband Radiometer: this flexible, inexpensive digital radiometer is comprised of a digital pyroelectric probe, optical chopper and powerful LabView software that mate to the user’s PC through a USB connection. Despite its low cost, its performance rivals – or exceeds – many benchtop systems. Accurately measure from 50nW to 200mW from the UV to Far IR.

Temperature Controlled, Ultra-Stable Pyro Radiometer: this innovative instrument represents the ultimate in radiometric measurement stability: temperature control to 0.05°C from 20° to 30°C yields a temperature coefficient of less than 0.01 per cent over the same temperature range. An ideal IR calibration standard for broadband or spectral measurements.

Ge And InGaAs Analog Joulemeters: These near-IR analog joulemeters are optimised for pulsed laser measurements in the 0.8 to 1.8μm spectral region – making them the ideal solution for measuring Ti:Sapphire Lasers, OPOs and other 'eye safe' pulsed lasers.