T.rad series broadband digital radiometers

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Spectrum Detector has introduced its T.rad series of broadband digital radiometers with high sensitivity in the far-IR and THz spectrum (0.1-100THz). The ability to measure 50nW with 2nW resolution was recently made possible by the development of a thin-film crystalline pyroelectric detector and unique lock-in amplifier software.

The new T.rad radiometer probes are available with three detector areas; 1.5mm, 5mm and 9mm diameter. The pyroelectric detector and pre-amplifier are mounted in a metal housing that includes a thermal isolation enclosure with an SM1 threaded front bezel for windows, optics, and filters. A radiometer system is composed of a probe and the company's LIA-DPM digital lock-in module. The company claims that its lock-in amp software is versatile yet simple to use.

The new T.rad radiometer series will be a substantial benefit to those developing, manufacturing or using continuous wave IR lasers and THz sources.