IncOder angle encoders

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Heason Technology has signed an agreement with the UK manufacturer Zettlex Limited for sales and system integration of its IncOder range of non-contact, inductive angle encoders. The IncOder has gained an enviable reputation for highly reliable precision angular position measurement in extreme environments and perfectly complements Heason’s customised motion system design and build service which includes production of actuators and positioning systems that are used in arduous application conditions. These include the extreme temperatures and pressures which are found, for instance, in oil & gas and marine industries for down-hole drilling and subsea equipment as well as the mechanical shock conditions experienced in heavy industrial machinery and aero & defence motion systems. Heason sees the IncOder as a perfect partner for the highly durable KBM servomotor range from its key distribution partner Kollmorgen, and for servo feedback for Elmo Motion’s ‘ExtrIQ’ range of servo motion components for harsh environment applications.

The IncOder’s unique non-contacting inductive technology builds upon this highly dependable measurement principle with new levels of reliability by employing an encapsulated printed circuit design with flat ring-shaped rotor and stator components rather than a traditional wire-wound construction. The many benefits offered include compact size with simple bearing-less installation that does not require precise mechanical alignment. Furthermore, with no delicate or wearing parts, IncOders yield essentially unlimited life: they also endure extremely high levels of shock and vibration, and unlike optical, potentiometric or capacitive sensors are mainly unaffected by condensation or debris. These characteristics combine as an ideal solution for servo feedback in exactly the kinds of specialised motion system applications that Heason Technology excels in – from oil-filled actuators for pressure compensation to laser ranging positioning equipment used in the extremes of arctic and desert conditions for wind farm evaluation.

The range is available in eight ring sizes with external diameters between 75 and 250 mm and with angular resolution from 10- to 22-bits. Each size option includes a wide choice of mechanical interfacing, and a generous internal diameter allows feed through of cables, slip rings or other services. The 5, 12 or 24 V DC powered stator has integral communications output options that include 0…10 V analogue, A/B/Z pulse, digital + 1V sin/cos and Synchronous Serial Interface. A choice of electrical interfacing options covers standard or flexi cable both with-or-without connectors, or integral axially mounted connectors.

The agreement strengthens the existing relationship between the companies and adds to the select number of leading global manufacturing partners that Heason Technology represents - to provide its customers with a comprehensive range of first-class motion control components that are combined with a full in-house design and build service for complete motion system solutions.