FluoLED and PrecisExcite

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Olympus is offering two new series of LED sources for fluorescence microscopy - the FluoLED series, and the PrecisExcite light source. The FluoLED products can be directly attached to Olympus CX microscopes for transmitted fluorescence, or brightfield illumination. They can be powered by battery or solar power for use in the field.

The series contains three models. The FluoLED EasyBlue (480nm) provides a single wavelength of fixed intensity for the most cost efficient solution. The FluoLED Single provides users with seven interchangeable LED cassettes from 365nm (UV) to 630nm (Red), and allows them to control the intensity of the light. The FluoLED MultiFluo enables up to three of the interchangeable LED cassettes to be installed and controlled on the microscope via a three channel electronic driver.

The PrecisExcite is a LED fluorescence light source with proprietary LED array modules (LAMs) as well as a cooling system, that increase the intensity and stability of the illumination provided. The LAMs are easily interchangeable and enable up to three different wavelengths to be used at once.

The output from the PrecisExcite is suitable for reflected light microscopy and provides an even illumination across the entire field of view. The advanced electronic control system enables intensity control from 0-100 per cent in 1 per cent steps.