X10468 spatial light modulator

Hamamatsu Photonics, a manufacturer of innovative opto-electronic products, has introduced its Liquid Crystal on Silicon spatial light modulator (LCOS-SLM), the X10468.

This compact system features high light utilisation efficiencies (95 per cent), high diffraction efficiencies close to theoretical maximum values and high precision phase modulation control with excellent linearity. Furthermore, compared to the previous generation of spatial light modulators, this SLM offers a high-speed response and a higher power handling capability due to its package type, large active area and optimised dielectric mirror coatings.

There are many applications for the LCOS-SLM including laser material and micro-processing due to its high power handling capability and ophthalmology, where high quality imaging can be obtained with wavefront corrections. Other applications include optical manipulation (holographic optical tweezers), pulse shaping, laser beam steering, optical testing, astronomy and many more.