FMS precision linear stages

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Newport Corporation has introduced a new series of FMS precision linear stages. The motion control stages are designed for use in surface profiling, tribology, and contact (stylus) and non-contact metrology (white light interferometry). The stainless steel stages permit high straightness and flatness, exceptional thermal stability, and outstanding bi-directional and uni-directional repeatability. Highly reliable and robust, the anti-creep crossed roller bearings enable extremely smooth motion with minimal noise.

Ideal for surface metrology applications, Newport’s FMS linear stages are available in three travel options: 100, 200, and 300mm. The new precision linear stages can be ordered with either a DC or a stepper motor. They are fully-compatible with Newport’s line of ESP integrated controller/driver products, including the single axis SMC100, the three-axis ESP301, and the high–performance eight-axis XPS universal controller.

The small footprint, all-steel construction ensures a highly accurate and stable platform with exceptional flatness and straightness at speeds of up to 100mm/s, ideal for surface profiling and microstructure characterisation. Other applications include scribing, micro-machining, and delay lines.