PX series of forkless pedestals and posts

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Newport has introduced the PX series of forkless pedestals and posts, a space saving option for the stable mounting of optical components. Forkless optical mounting posts and pedestals have a unique internal slotted base, allowing them to be directly mounted to optical tables or breadboards without a clamping fork. This feature can save up to 66 per cent more space compared to standard pedestals, while still providing positional flexibility and excellent long-term stability.

‘Eliminating the clamping fork adds simplicity, saves cost and eliminates fork-induced bending stresses’, says Rick Sebastian, senior manager of product marketing for opto-mechanics at Newport. ‘All PX series forkless pedestals can be easily mounted with a 3/16 in. (5mm) ball tip Allen wrench and use a standard ¼-20 (M6) mounting screw. Mounting optical posts has never been easier, faster and more space-saving.’

Newport’s forkless posts and pedestals are available in stainless steel and aluminium versions, in two different designs - flanged pedestals or straight posts. The straight post design is the most space-saving while the flanged versions provide maximum versatility since they can also be mounted with a standard fork if needed.