Conex-AG-M100D mirror mount

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Newport Corporation has introduced the Conex-AG-M100D, a remote-controllable, piezo-motor-driven mirror mount with an integrated two-axis absolute position sensor. It combines the high angular position sensitivity of the Agilis piezo-motor direct-drive technology with exact position information from a novel, two-axis, absolute position sensor. The Conex-AG-M100D is capable of repeatable or absolute positioning tasks. This capability is important in scanning applications or repeatedly steering a laser beam to different positions.

In open loop, the MIM of the mirror mount is 2µrad over a ±0.75º range and in closed loop, the MIM is 0.001º with a bi-directional repeatability of 0.01º. With the absolute position sensor, the user can also save a position into memory and recall that position upon start-up without having to rely on a home or reference location. This is beneficial when a previously optimised beam path must be re-established.