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Focusshifter Compact Size

Raylase has introduced its new Focusshifter Compact Size that enables 2, 5 and 3D processing in compact size and unrivalled speeds.  

The 3-axis subsystem for Nd:YAG Laser and CO2 is available for field sizes 100 x 100mm up to 300 x 300mm. Using the Focusshifter, focusing and definition of the field sizes is carried out by a F-Theta lens attached to the subsystem. In connection to the linear translator the focal plane can be dynamically adjusted, which allows for 2.5 and three dimensional applications. The compact size also offers very small spot diameters with flexible focusing in Z-direction of up to +/- 30.0mm with a f=254 lens, high process speeds of 30m/s, long-term stability and low drift values.


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