Freedom 100 series

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Ibsen Photonics, the global leader in fused silica transmission gratings and industrial grade spectrometer modules, today announced the ultra-compact FREEDOM 100 series of spectrometers utilizing a new highly efficient CMOS detector.

The FREEDOM 100 spectrometers provide sensitivity and cost comparable with traditional cost efficient CCD-based spectrometers.

"Typically, spectrometers with CMOS line array sensors have 50 – 100 times less sensitivity than spectrometers using CCD line arrays. However, the new CMOS line array used in our FREEDOM 100 series enables roughly the same sensitivity in the visible and even higher sensitivity in the ultra violet", says Thomas Rasmussen, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Ibsen Photonics.

FREEDOM combines compact size, cost efficiency, and high performance with a now even greater flexibility in the choice of detector system. These benefits make FREEDOM especially well-suited for integration into portable and handheld instruments.