Eagle SWNIR spectrometer

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Ibsen Photonics has introduced the Eagle SWNIR spectrometer platform for OEM supply to manufacturers of analytical instruments.

The Eagle platform consists of compact, robust, and high resolution spectrometers. The devices are suitable for OEM integration into industrial grade Raman systems at 785 or 830nm excitation. It combines robustness with high performance and flexibility in a choice of detector systems. Due to its robustness and thermally stable operation, the spectrometer is particularly well suited to integration into industrial process control instruments.

The spectrometer provides a low stray light level and high efficiency due to the use of Ibsen Photonics’ in-house produced wide bandwidth transmission gratings. Optical resolution can be as good as 4cm-1 and the wavelength range of 822-978nm enables 200-1,700cm-1 or 600-2,500cm-1 Raman ranges. Eagle SWNIR supports both cooled and uncooled BT-CCD detectors.