Freedom UV-NIR spectrometer platform

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Ibsen Photonics has released the Freedom UV-NIR spectrometer platform for integrators of analytical and process control instruments.

The Freedom combines compact size, making it suitable for integration into portable and handheld instruments.

Features of the Freedom UV-NIR include: high efficiency across the complete 190-1,100nm range, dimensions of 50 x 50 x 15mm, robust and athermal performance, and flexibility in the choice of detector and electronics.

The broadband efficiency is obtained with a new innovative transmission grating, developed and manufactured by Ibsen Photonics. The grating provides nearly constant diffraction efficiency over the 190-1,100nm range for both polarisations, which makes it suitable for process control, out-of-the-lab environments, as well as handheld and portable instruments.

The platform is available in two standard variants with either a front-illuminated CCD or a low noise back-thinned CCD. More detector options are available upon request.