G1301-m greenhouse gas analyser

Picarro has introduced its G1301-m flight-ready trace gas analyser, based on the technique of wavelength-scanned cavity ring-down spectroscopy. The device is intended to monitor greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere, and can simultaneously measure CO2 CH4 and H2O.

The compact instrument is designed for continuous operation at altitudes up to 10,000m, with climb/descent rates as high as 1km/minute. The analyser is also to manage the rigorous vibration profiles of aircraft, ships and similar environments. Developed and tested in close cooperation with scientists at NOAA, the Picarro G1301-m enables direct, real-time sampling and analysis in-flight, eliminating the time, cost and limited data sampling associated with traditional sample capture for lab-bound instruments. The new analyser provides decades of linear dynamic range and is simple to install and operate. It does not require frequent re-calibration, unlike other technologies.