Galvo Scanner

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Dilas, the diode laser company, is now offering the Galvo Scanner for use in combination with its top beam quality diode laser systems. Used with Dilas’s Compact fibre coupled diode laser (25W to 400W) a laser beam spot can be focused at any point within the working field. The Galvo Scanner comes with complete F-Thetha optics, collima­tion, a control unit and Visual Laser Marker (VLM) software from Rofin-Sinar Technologies.

The Galvo Scanner is available with apertures of 20mm or 30mm (Ø) in combination with 200µm or 400µm fibres and F-Theta optics keeping the beam spot focused. The beam diameter covers a 0.6mm in a 105 x 105mm field to a 3mm spot size in a 235 x 235 mm field.

The new Galvo Scanner is suitable for applications like quasi-simultaneous plastic welding or selective soldering.