Galvo Scanner with Integrated Pyrometer

Dilas Industrial Laser Systems has released a galvo scanner with integrated pyrometer to be used along with the Compact Series product line, a fibre-coupled, turnkey diode laser system with output powers up to 500W. 

The combination of the galvo scanner and pyrometer offers progress in the field of quasi-simultaneous plastics welding. With the on-axis single colour pyrometer, the temperature of the welding zone can be optically measured during the scanning process, thus allowing a closed-loop temperature control for the production process. The supporting software furthermore provides complete process data documentation for quality control.

The galvo scanner is available with apertures of 20mm or 30mm in combination with 400µm (or 200µm) fibres and F-Theta optics keeping the beam spot focused. The beam diameter is 2.8mm (or 1.4mm) in a 140 x 140mm2 field.

Dilas Industrial Laser Systems’ new galvo scanner with integrated pyrometer is equipped with colour-corrected F-Thetha optics, pyrometer, collima­tion, a control unit and scanner and pyrometer software.