Goggles and laser windows

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Laservision has released a number of new photonics safety products, including three new safety goggles for laser and LED use, and a new range of safety windows. 

The Protector goggles offer comfortable protection and fit over prescription glasses. They are available with all of Laservision’s standard mineral glass filters as well as custom-designed filters. Two sets of frames are available – the regular L-08 model and the enforced L-08K model for high laser resistance. Vents prevent fogging, and for very humid conditions an anti-fogging insert can be used.

The Athletic range consists of two-lens glasses that protect against harmful high-brightness radiation from LEDs. They provide a very wide field of view with a secure and comfortable fit. They are available in two levels of protection.

In addition, a new polycarbonate filter is available for high-power IR diode lasers. The filter p1002 is available in the sporty Lambda-One frame, or the Skyline frame that fits over most prescription glasses.

Laservision is also providing plastic windows P2001 suitable for Nd:YAG applications at 1064nm, in sizes up to 1220 x 915 mm2 – much larger than would be possible with mineral glass windows. They have an optical density of 6+ at 1064nm, and 860-1070nm at 4+.