Gold Care Service Plans

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Tektronix, a manufacturer of oscilloscopes, has announced the continued expansion of its successful Gold Care Service Plans.

This latest expansion allows current customers to apply Gold Care to a broader range of installed products and introduces the plan to Tektronix’ popular lines of probes and BERTScopes. Customers can now apply Gold Care to more than 150 different Tektronix products.

Released in 2010, Gold Care Plans are designed to give customers a worry-free ownership experience across mid-range and high-performance instruments such as oscilloscopes and spectrum analysers. Gold Care Plans deliver such benefits as equivalent loaner products, coverage of customer-caused damage, including EOS and ESD, and priority access to technical support resources.

Recent expansions have made the plan available to customers purchasing on the GSA schedule, to customers in Canada and to a broader selection of mid-range and high-performance products.