RSA5000 real-time spectrum analyser

Tektronix, a specialist in signal generation and analysis solutions for the microwave and radio frequency industry, has released a real-time spectrum analyser for mid-range performance, featuring advanced signal discovery and triggering capabilities.

Included in the expansion of the RSA5000 real-time spectrum analyser series are new 26.5GHz and 15GHz models, along with the recently-announced 110MHz bandwidth option that is now available on all Tektronix real-time spectrum analysers.

The growth of digital RF across a crowded wireless spectrum has led to the need for signal analysers able to capture the briefest of spectrum occurrences to ensure proper operation and to avoid interference issues. 

At the same time, economic pressures have led customers to require a single instrument that can meet their demanding spectrum analyser needs and be able to troubleshoot the problems unique to today’s transient, hopping signals.

The 26.5GHz and 15GHz RSA5000 models are aimed at meeting these needs with a balance of high-end performance and mid-range pricing.