Gold coated mirrors

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For applications which do not require the high reflectivity of a dielectric coating, metal mirrors serve as an inexpensive solution that can be used for a wide wavelength range, independent of the angle of incidence. These mirrors may be used with femtosecond pulsed lasers or CW lasers. Laser Components offers polished aluminium mirrors, perfect for use as scanning mirrors in situations where weight is critical, as well as copper mirrors, which are widely used in industrial CO2 laser applications. Aluminium, silver and gold coatings with a protective layer are also available. These coatings use an electroplating method, which completely eliminates delamination issues associated with their vacuum deposited counterparts.

New to this range is a specially developed gold coating for carefully roughened metal substrates to be used as diffuse reflectors. For this purpose, the surface roughness must be random and high enough that it may serve as an isotropic diffuse reflector for IR wavelengths. This coating is also available on customer supplied substrates.