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Illuminating a line uniformly using a dot laser is a familiar problem, and round top-hat elements have been used as diffractive optical elements (DOE) for the purpose of creating a homogeneous line. However, this has always led to a decrease in the distribution of intensity at the edge across the width of the line.

To tackle this issue, Laser Components has introduced M-shaper, a DOE so that is perfectly suited for a high homogeneity in all directions. This diffractive optical element changes the laser beam in such a way that the intensity at the edge (flanks) is higher than in the centre of the element.

If the M-shaper is used to scan across a line, then the beam quality of a top-hat element will be achieved – both in length and width – resulting in optimal scanning performance.

Fifteen different standard designs are available, in addition to custom solutions designed to meet individual specifications.