Graded Index Pure Silica Core Multimode Fiber

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Fibercore, the UK based global market leader in the design and manufacture of specialty optical fibers officially released its new harsh environment Graded Index Pure Silica Core Multimode Fiber product at this year’s Photonics West exhibition at the beginning of February (10-12th).

After the recent acquisition of Fibertronix, a leading supplier of optical fibers for harsh environments, Fibercore are now able to offer Graded Index Pure Silica Core Multimode Fiber with an extended range of specialty coatings. Coatings including Carbon, High Temperature Acrylate and Polyimide, enable Fibercore to offer fibers for some of the worlds harshest and most demanding applications such as downhole distributed sensing and structural monitoring in radiation environments.

Fibercore are also releasing new Step Index Multimode Fibers, Double Clad Fibers for high power amplifiers and fiber lasers, OEM Amplifier GainBlock – a packaged passive optical unit for integration into amplifiers and fiber lasers and Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) products in both UV written and femtosecond versions.