Multimode laser diode

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Eagleyard’s 808nm broad area semiconductor laser diode delivers 20W peak power under pulsed operation from a single emitter.

Its high pulse energy and fast rise time makes this laser diode ideally suited for high resolution sensing applications in extreme harsh environments.

The diode benefits from: 10μs pulse width at 25kHz repetition rate; Topt -40°C to +80°C, available in a hermetically sealed 9mm TO-housing , available with fast axis collimation (FAC).

Multimode laser diodes operate spatially and longitudinally multimode. In this product family we offer wavelengths between 650 and 1120nm. The output power range is between 1 and 18W in CW mode - in pulse mode it is up to 100W. Stripe widths from 60μm to 400μm are available to optimise beam structure and power for various applications.

These laser diodes are used for sensing in space and defence applications, material processing, medical applications, LIDAR or solid-state laser pumping. 

The company has also launched a single frequency laser diode, the RWS-760, introduced as a cost effective and compact alternative for oxygen detection.

Gas spectroscopy is a powerful tool for oxygen detection. The single frequency laser diode hits the strongest absorption lines of oxygen which is essential for this kind of application. Due to its significantly higher output power compared with other technological solutions (e.g. VCSEL) the RWS-760 is perfectly suited for smoky combustion applications and very dusty and harsh environments. Due to its superior spectral characteristics this laser diode is well suited for all kind of oxygen detection.