Green lasers for life science applications

Coherent has introduced two new Genesis CW green (532nm) lasers for life science applications, offering a combination of low-noise (< 0.1 per cent rms) and excellent mode quality (M² < 1.1). The Genesis 532-1000 S lasers produce more than one Watt of output power, while the Genesis 532-500 S lasers deliver more than 0.5 Watts. Both lasers are air-cooled, can be directly modulated, and are available in OEM packaging.

These lasers, as with all Genesis products, are based on the company’s patented optically pumped semiconductor laser (OPSL) technology that combines high reliability with compact packaging, and is scalable in both wavelength and output power.

Genesis lasers are already used in many life sciences applications at 488nm and 577nm. Primary applications for Genesis lasers are in fluorescence based bioinstrumentation markets. These applications include OEM and end user instruments in high throughput DNA sequencing in the fields of genomics and proteogenomics, as well as high throughput flow cytometry. Other OEM applications encompass particle visualisation and diverse inspection tasks.