Tera K15

With the introduction of our innovative ultra-stable ‘figure 9’ laser technology and our fiber coupled high-power THz antenna modules we have improved the performance and design of our fiber coupled TERA K15 THz-TDS system. The new generation TERA K15 provides up to 4.5 THz bandwidth and up to 80 dB signal-to-noise ratio. The housing of the fiber coupled THz modules is compatible with standard 1’’ optomechanics, and the fiber patch cord can be extended to up to 30 m. The new amplifier electronics ensure an even further simplified and user friendly measurement scheme.

The major benefits of our improved TERA K15 for THz spectroscopy and imaging application are the ability of faster data acquisition and to investigate thicker and less transparent samples in the THz range. Higher THz power also helps overcoming the limitations of a signal attenuated due to propagation in atmosphere. Data acquisition is largely independent of mechanical impact, thermal instability or ambient humidity.

The result of our joined efforts is our most robust THz-TDS system offering highest flexibility. It allows bringing the THz experiment to the site where it is needed in exactly the configuration required by the specific task, both mandatory requirements for OEM integrators who seek reliable systems for non-destructive material quality testing.