GSY glaze for ceramics

Morgan Technical Ceramics has introduced a new yellow glaze (GSY) for ceramic reflectors that improves efficiency of laser systems by filtering out UV and low wavelengths in laser pumping cavities. This reduces the overall temperature of the laser system and increases its life. It is suited to industrial lasers used in manufacturing.

The visible yellow colour of the glaze is complementary to the spectral colours violet and indigo and effectively absorbs low wavelengths up to approximately 450nm. This means the laser cavities do not reach the high temperatures seen previously and consequently require less cooling fluid. This gives a further benefit that the pumps do not have to work as hard as before.

Overall this leads to increased reliability of the laser system and an extended lifespan. For a like-for-like design, using the GSY glaze improves output by 5W, which is approximately nine per cent higher than with a clear glaze.

The yellow glaze is available as an alternative option to the company's highly reflective clear glaze (GSO).  Both seal ceramic reflectors against the ingress of cooling fluids that may alter the refractive index, introduce impurities and reduce reflectance and operating efficiency.