Upgraded LDTC 2/2 Laser Diode Driver and Temperature Controller

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Team Wavelength has released an upgraded version of its LDTC 2/2 Laser Diode Driver and Temperature Controller.

The Wavelength Electronics LDTC 2/2 is ideal for integrated laser diode or LED modules that include temperature control, often used in medical diagnostic equipment, remote sensing, analytical instrumentation, military and communication design.

The upgraded LDTC 2/2 has enhanced setpoint stability to fully support critical and cutting edge applications, as well as a variety of safety features.

The LDTC 2/2 is compatible with A/B type lasers and allows photodiode power monitoring in constant current mode. The unit combines the WLD3343 Temperature Controller and the WTC3243 Laser Diode Driver in one compact package that supplies 2.2A of drive current to each component. Temperature is controlled by a PI loop with configurable heat and cool current limits. Laser diode drive current and limit values are configurable in both constant current and constant power mode, maximising flexibility.

The LDTC 2/2 is designed with laser diode protection features, including: remote TTL shutdown/interlock, delayed start, and current ramp. It is available as an open frame or chassis mount enclosure.