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Guardian Series

Newport is adding the Guardian Series of active isolation workstations to its portfolio of isolation systems.

With vibration isolation performance starting at 0.5Hz, the workstation is an ideal platform for super high resolution microscopy, metrology and other applications requiring super low frequency isolation. Guardian is an easy to use, fully integrated work station that requires only a minimum of installation and maintenance while providing unmatched vibration isolation performance.

The Guardian workstation includes two active isolation modules. Each module contains three sensors and three actuators that actively sense and compensate vibration in six degrees of freedom in real-time. Newport’s active vibration isolation technology does not only remove the resonance response inherent to a passive system, but provides up to 34dB of additional isolation.

The isolation starts from as low as 0.5Hz and reaches 20 dB at 1.5Hz.

The Guardian workstation combines active modules with Newport’s patented VIBe mechanical isolators. The VIBe isolators start isolation at 8Hz and provide a solid foundation for the active modules to further reduce the vibration amplitudes below 50Hz. A precision grade optical breadboard serves as tabletop for the Guardian workstation, bringing damping performance to the next level. The patented modal dampers are installed along the entire perimeter of the tabletop, providing effective broadband damping for delicate instruments.

The Guardian Controller that comes with the system features a real-time control display for all six axes as well as direct front panel access to the most essential functions. A full set of control functions for an even more precise vibration control as well as 24/7 vibration data monitoring and recording is available via software.


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