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LTAHSPPV6 and LTAHLPPV6 actuators

Newport has announced its new vacuum compatible LTA series actuators and the URS50B rotation stage for the research and industry markets.

These products are compatible to 10 x e-6 hPa (7 x 10e-6 torr) vacuum and are designed for integration in critical sample positioning or beam management processes in vacuum environments. These newly-designed vacuum stages feature a motor-mounted encoder that is useful in detecting the stall of a stepper motor since the stage is not accessible when installed inside a vacuum chamber. The LTAHSPPV6 and the LTAHLPPV6 actuators are extensions of the popular and reliable LTA actuators (with non-rotating tips), and are rated at 10,000 hours mean time between failure (MTBF).

Compatible with other vacuum-compatible manual stages, both actuators provide sub-micron minimum incremental motion (MIM) and uni-directional repeatability. The compact URS50BPPV6 rotation stage complements Newport’s higher load capacity URS75BPPV6. The newer model is capable of 360 degrees continuous motion at 4 degrees per second, an MIM of 0.0015 degrees, and can accommodate 5kg loads. The 4-mounting hole locations enable top mounting and enhance the stage’s cantilevered load capacity. This stage is rated at 20,000 hrs MTBF.


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