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H100 mid-IR fibre

Elliot Scientific has released a small-core, high-power multimode, mid-infrared fibre for use in medical, industrial and R&D applications from IRphotonics of Hamden, Connecticut.

The H100 dual-clad mid-IR fibre offers a spectral transmission from 0.3 to 4.5µm with low attenuation and no spectral absorption peak. Its 100µm core enables high power handling over a small bend radius from a wide range of lasers such as Er:Yag (2.94 µm), semiconductor lasers (QCL), solid state lasers or tuneable MWIR lasers (OPO).

The H100 mid-IR fibre is available to customers in the UK and Ireland through Elliot Scientific, and is supplied bare or as a patchcord with high power connectors.


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