GPX-3400 glass processing station

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AMS Technologies released its GPX-3400 glass processing station, in combination with the LDC-200 Large Diameter Fibre Cleaver from the Vytran Corporation.

The GPX platform takes use of Vytran’s patented filament fusion technology, which provides a stable high-temperature heat source for precise control of glass processing conditions. Its design allows for fabrication of splices, tapers, mode adapters, NA converters, end caps, couplers and combiners with optical fibres ranging from 125µm up to 1.5mm in diameter. Used as a splicer it can produce low loss splices for multimode and single mode fibres.

The several variants of GPX-3000 are designed for the specific needs when producing fibre optics components and splices, which are used in high power applications. For manufacturers of fibre lasers GPX-3000 is an enabling solution to produce components that are tailored to their specific optical requirements.