Hera UV and Hera VIS

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Admesy has launched a range of spectrometers suitable for use in R&D labs and production processes.

The Hera UV has an optical range of 200-400nm and a 2.3nm optical bandwith. It comes ready to use and is easy to integrate in other systems. The Hera VIS (360-830nm) has an autorange function and measures 95 x 85 x 61mm.

The Hera series is available with fixed optics or connected to a lens, cosine corrector or integrating sphere via fibre optics. It is delivered as a complete and ready-to-use measurement system. Admesy can do an absolute calibration for cosine corrector, lens or sphere systems delivering them ready to use.

The spectrometers are available in a VIS 360-830nm and UV 200-400nm range with a 2.3nm optical bandwidth. The series will be expanded with a UV-NIR version in the middle of 2014.