High brightness, fibre-coupled diode laser

Dilas has developed a high brightness, conduction-cooled, fibre-coupled diode laser module based on diode laser bars, which provides up to 40W output power from a 100-micron fibre core at a wavelength of 976nm with a numerical aperture of <0.22.

Ensuring high power, brightness and power efficiency, Dilas has achieved test results with wall-plug efficiency of greater than 40 per cent at operating current. The electrically isolated single-bar package with a small footprint is a key feature in this product's architecture, measuring 70 x 30 x 17mm (L x W x H).

The laser power from the fibre-coupled module is delivered via a non-detachable fibre core which is terminated with a standard SMA 905 connector or cleaved fibre end. With excellent heat removal by direct thermal contact, this industrial package is ideally designed for a wide array of applications that range from fibre laser pumping to micro-materials processing to medical.