High power laser diode bars

Oclaro has launched an extended portfolio of high power laser diode bars, including the 100W 808nm bar, with new 1030nm and 1070nm capability, and a series of 150W bar products at 9xx nm and 10xx nm. The products are aimed at directed energy, DPSS laser and multi-kilowatt direct diode applications.

The new 200W bar – the highest continuous wave power laser diode bar commercially available – features a wall plug efficiency of 65 per cent, and is designed for single-sided cooling on a micro-channel cooler at a configuration allowing low pitch when stacking. Extending up to 1,070nm adds two more colours to scale multi-kilowatt direct diode systems by wavelength multiplexing, enabling direct laser system manufacturers to compete with fibre lasers and CO2 lasers in material processing applications.

The 808nm 100W bar on micro-channel boasts a wall plug efficiency of 60 per cent and a 50 per cent fill factor to enable higher power output from a larger emitter area. For conduction cooling, a 60W 30 per cent fill-factor version, released at Photonics West earlier this year, is also available. Here the extended range also includes 793nm, a wavelength important to eye-safe applications based on thulium laser systems.