Prosario fibre-coupled laser diodes

Oclaro, a tier-one provider of optical communications and laser solutions, has introduced a line of fibre-coupled laser diodes, the Prosario platform. The diodes offer up to 60W at 808nm and 50W at 880nm.

Oclaro offers a complete solution package for the DPSS market. This includes the Oclaro Prosario platform, serving the 30W+ power DPSS market, the Oclaro Orion platform, which serves the 15-25W space, and the BMU platform serving the sub-10W market.

With power conversion efficiencies (PCE) exceeding 50 per cent and proven reliability of more than 20,000 hours, the Oclaro Prosario platform enables customers to achieve high output power from the DPSS system. The Oclaro Prosario family delivers 30-60W from a 400, 600 or 800µm fibre output across a wavelength range of 790 to 980nm.

The package has a compact, industry-recognised footprint with a detachable fibre, thereby facilitating system upgrades or drop-in replacements for solid state lasers pump sources. The hard-soldered passively cooled laser bar inside the Prosario package uses E2 facet passivation to deliver high power and reliability.