High temperature LED assembly

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DDP has developed a low-profile LED light source that provides task lighting in a surgical fluid and blanket warmer designed to keep these materials at a consistent temperature.  

Engineered to withstand a maximum ambient temperature of 200°F, DDP's LED assembly reduces the fluid warmer's power consumption and enables better thermal control by eliminating problematic temperature spikes, caused by excess heat from the halogen bulb. 

‘Our rugged LED assembly provides ample lighting and reduces the power consumption of the heater's temperature control system by 70 per cent, eliminates thermal spikes and makes the temperature easier to manage," said Tony Toniolo, president of DDP.  

Toniolo added: ‘Combined with the fact that the LED light source consumes less energy and has a longer life span than a halogen bulb, the LED assembly significantly lowers the cost of operation.’

Utilising surface mount technology to reduce the profile of the LED assembly, DDP's LED light system can be designed for a wide range of applications.  DDP's LED light solutions are available in a variety of standard and custom configurations.