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Photonic Products has introduced two new red laser diodes from Opnext that combine a low operating current with a high optical output power. The HL6362MG/HL6363MG laser diodes (640nm wavelength band, 45mW maximum optical output power) are ideal for use in medical scanners, measurement equipment and next-generation display applications.

The diodes are part of a new range of laser diodes being developed by Opnext with an optimised Multi Quantum Well (MQW) and waveguide structure which results in a greatly improved beam circularity ratio of 2.1 (from 3.5), and 20 per cent reduction in operating current. These improvements result in greater energy efficiency, extended battery lifetime and significant cost savings for OEMs.

Supplied in a 5.6mm package, the products are single longitudinal mode laser diodes with transverse electric (TE) mode oscillation. They have a high optical output power of 40mW CW at a visible wavelength of 640nm, a low typical operating current of 90mA, a low operating voltage of 2.4V, a low threshold current of 45mA, monitoring output current of 0.3mA and an operating temperature range of -10°C to +50°C.

The HL6362MG requires a negative (N type) power supply system and the HL6363MG requires a positive (P type) power supply system. The Opnext diodes are lead (pb) free in compliance with the RoHS Directive.