Laser diode modules

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UK optoelectronics device manufacturer and laser diode specialist, Photonic Products, has developed a range of compact and affordable laser modules generating an accurate line or cross at 635nm or 650nm with uniform intensity distribution. The laser modules measure just 29mm in length, with a diameter of only 8mm and are extremely efficient and reliable. They are ideal for the most demanding industrial and medical applications where space is at a premium – such as handheld instrumentation, targeting, alignment and machine vision.These laser diode modules generate either a 70° full angle cross or a 58° or 88° full angle line, all factory focused at 1000mm. The focus can be set at other distances on request. The lens system produces an efficiently uniform intensity laser line.

At a visible wavelength of either 650nm or 635nm, these compact laser diode modules offer output powers of 0.9mW or 4mW with power stability of less than five per cent. Operating voltage is from 3V to 6V DC at an operating current of 30mA typ, (0.9mW) or 40mA typ, (4mW). Operating temperature range is -10°C to +40°C.

The laser modules consist of a brass housing, a laser diode, drive circuit and beam-shaping optics. Electrical connections are made via external flying leads. All modules have static, surge and reverse polarity circuit protection.