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HM-VS-950 & HM-VS-1150 hot mirrors

ZC&R Coatings for Optics, part of Abrisa, has introduced a full line of heat control, dichroic optical coatings that filter unnecessary energy (heat) from a light source. The expanded family of precision hot mirrors is ideal for separating unwanted infrared from visible light for applications in medical, defence, aerospace, life sciences, imaging, astronomy, and entertainment industries.

The HM-VS-950 hot mirrors transmit the visible spectrum and reflect the infrared at normal incidence. ZC&R’s UV-Pass hot mirrors, HM-UV-1050, are designed to transmit greater than 80 per cent (average) in the 245 to 460nm spectral range, and reflect greater than 70 per cent (average) from 800 to 1050nm at normal incidence.

ZC&R’s HM-VS-1150 colour-neutral hot mirrors are suitable for imaging applications that require high colour fidelity; they transmit the visible spectrum with minimal impact to colour while reflecting significant IR energy. For extreme performance, the HM-VS-1500 hot mirrors offer enhanced UV blocking with durable, reliable operation. The extended-wavelength IR blocker hot mirrors round out the product family to cover a wider waveband in the infrared with the HM-VS-1600. Custom angles of incidence are also available.


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