Homogeneous optical glasses

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Schott now supplies its most popular high-quality glass types, up to quality level H4, from stock. Customers will soon be able to order the glass in the form of cut blanks. Furthermore, the company will be offering high-quality glasses for use in large high precision optics up to the homogeneity level H5. High homogeneous glasses are particularly well-suited to use in high-power laser and astronomical applications.

Schott offers glasses in five levels of homogeneity. Thanks to a carefully controlled manufacturing process, glass pieces in H4 quality have a maximum peak to valley refractive index variation of 2 x 10-6, while the quality level H5 achieves a value of 1 x 10-6. The maximum variation of refractive index is expressed in peak to valley in accordance with ISO 12123. Glasses of this high quality enable extremely high resolution imaging and are ideally suited to use in high-performance laser technology to guide the beam very accurately, but also in measurement, semiconductor and satellite technology.