IRG glasses on Zemax and Code V

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The international technology group SCHOTT with its Advanced Optics Business Unit, a global manufacturer of high-quality optical components for the infrared (IR) industry, including its chalcogenide glass products, announced today that the newly renamed IRG product line (formally the IG product line) will be available on Zemax and CODE V®, two major brands of optical design software. SCHOTT IRG will be featured in the next release of the Zemax catalog file and Zemax OpticsStudio and has been updated in the 10.6 release of CODE V®’s software.

Optical designers can now use one of the industry’s top infrared glasses—IRG—on standard industry software to design a wide variety of components and systems for surveillance, imaging, and sensing systems for the growing list of applications and uses in the defense, consumer, industrial medical, and biotechnology markets. Within the programs, designers will gain access to the line of IRG glasses, including the IRG23, IRG24, IRG25, and IRG26 glasses.  

Manufactured in Duryea, Pennsylvania, SCHOTT’s high-quality IRG product line includes glasses with reliable, traceable, and consistent optical and physical properties. Optical designers choose to model various applications with SCHOTT’s IRG components due to their excellent transmission in the near IR (NIR), shortwave IR (SWIR), midwave IR (MWIR), and longwave IR (LWIR) range. In addition, properties such as high index, low dn/dT and dispersion enable designers to engineer color-corrected optical systems without thermal defocusing. 

“The IRG line is a crucial component in the growing IR imaging and detection field for the defense, commercial, and industrial markets,” said Andreas Haedrich, Sales Director EMEA for SCHOTT Advanced Optics. “Requests for high-performance IR materials with improved quality have driven SCHOTT to advance the state-of-the-art production of the IRG 22-26 product lines, yielding higher quality with more consistent and accurate material properties. As a result, SCHOTT IRG glasses need to be differentiated from the past product designations. We’ve provided the new SCHOTT IRG glass material properties to customers and major design software companies Zemax and CODE V® so that everyone can take advantage of the industry’s arguably most complete and accurate property set for IRG glass in their ever-expanding IR product lines.”